Those who heal by the power of spirit. Healers are instruments that transmit something that they receive, pass through them, to turn outward to another. Their qualification, gifts and powers allow them to act as intermediaries for the world of spirit, so that its vital, energizing, dynamic, health- giving, sustaining influence can reach other beings. The fact that healers themselves may be suffering from some bodily affliction does not necessarily restrict their ability to heal others. One is a psychic quality, the other is a physical defect.

When an individual becomes the channel during the healing process, the life force (power of spirit) pours through the healer and makes contact with the soul of the patient to charge that battery and establish the harmony which has been disrupted by whatever conditions caused the ailment or disease.

The essence of all healing is that the healer should have suffered and have compassion for the sufferers who come to him/her, for this is the only way the Law works.

The function of a healer is to be a channel for the healing power. If the patient is spiritually ready, the results will come. If the soul is touched, then the healing is successful. If only the physical body gets better, the goal has not been achieved. The object is to bring spiritual awareness.

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