The unpleasant, distressing, or enduring experience of loss, injury, harm, pain, or failure that manifests itself as misery for the individual(s).

Sometimes, those who allow sufferance to continue are giving consent to the perpetrator(s) or event.

It is through suffering that we can grow. The soul cannot come into its own until it is touched. This usually means when it seems to the individual there is no hope in their world, no light, no guidance to be found, and the abyss of despair has been reached. The fear is that he or she will be plunged into the depths and not recover. It is at that moment that the soul can be awakened.

Compassionate souls in the world of spirit often weep when they see suffering, knowing that they cannot help, because it is a battle of an individuals' spirit. If the battle is won, all will win, but if lost, then all unfortunately lose.

Suffering is the crucible. Those on whom the Great Spirit with infinite wisdom has bestowed the gift of healing must experience difficulty, sorrow, crisis and trial so that they can have compassion for the ones who will come to them in their suffering and ask for healing.

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