An unpleasant sensation resulting from injury, disease or emotional disorder, which occurs in varying degrees of severity.

Emotional pain would suggest that there is still some room for development, as this can hinder, mar or delay the service that can be rendered.

Emotional pain is actually the catalyst for growth. As an example, every soul treading the path of attainment must experience loneliness--the isolation forces re-examination of one's purpose. However, the companionship of evolved beings are always with us, providing strength and inspiration whenever they can. Our own fear and doubts inhibit the communion with higher dimensions, but faith open the channels to provide a solid foundation on which to build one's life.

Certain Astrologer's consider that there is no pain like Scorpio pain as their expression tends to be somewhat intense. For some, a painful life is just as vital as a pleasurable one as each individual embarks upon their own experience.

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