The path that each us of follow in this world is often a very unique one. As we grow and evolve, the way is merged.

While an individual may obtain inspiration by meditating in the Himalayas, they should try to appreciate that the path they must follow is in fact within them. One's path will not always be found by simply following the path of another, or of a cult, religion or creed.

To find one's own path, all you need to do is continue to ask. The law has always been that if you ask, you will receive. Use what serves--what your heart says to use. Know that if one piece of information works, use it. But if the other part doesn't, do not judge it, but simply recognize that it is not for you (it may be for someone else). One can gather information from many paths, until a whole is gained that works. One need not worry about the pieces that do not work. One of the earmarks of the golden age is not the either-or syndrome, which is how we have been living in the past, but the and-and--which is how we can keep broadening our awareness.

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