An emotion that is expressed as anxiety and dread by the expectation or recognition of danger. Although this term does not really need explanation, it serves to illustrate the point that fear is an emotion disconnected with the actual event. Man is endowed with the power of reason. He has the ability to be inspired by higher forces from a larger life and to utilize wisdom and knowledge to banish all that belongs to the darkness and ignorance.

Many religious leaders preach fear, which directs their energy into dis-harmony. True New Ager's direct their energy into harmony and should never give up, individually or collectively. Fear is the problem and love is the answer.

In every day life, fear affects most people who work under a scared and insecure boss. These so called leaders generate tension, hostility and insecurity in others. This type of boss batters people's self- esteem, frightening them just as (s)he is frightened. They destroy creativeness and any incentive in the very people they should motivate in order to achieve their prescribed goals. A fearful boss often cripples a company or group, and is a leader in rank only.

Fear then, can cause us to be subservient, dominant, possessive, and obsessive. It prevents us from experiencing whole-love. Manifesting perfect love enables fear to dispel. Fear is a bad counselor; Fear disturbs the vibration of communion with the world of spirit. Fear corrodes, rusts, and blocks the channels through which help can come.

The biblical term "fear God" is a mistranslation of "revere God."

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