An act of sharing thoughts and feelings in mutual participation. Communion with the world of spirit requires attunement. By ridding ourselves of superstitions, prejudices, anxiety and fear, we can open ourselves up to the wisdom of the infinite to be channeled through human instruments in this world.

Many artists and creative people receive inspiration in brief flashes due to a momentary attunement. Much of the music, poetry, writing and art is not born in the physical brain, but really originated in the world of spirit. All inspiration, all knowledge, all truth, all wisdom is dependent on our capacity to receive.

Radio and television stations transmit certain frequencies to which they can be attuned. Each person has their frequency which enables reception of thoughts, suggestions, inspiration, guidance, and a variety of ideas from those on your wavelengths. As these are received they are tinctured with ones own individuality and sent on there way so that others may capture them. All of this is determined by one's evolution. The higher spiritually one has evolved, the greater is the thought that can be reached. These higher thoughts allow for a re-transmission effect to be greater as it is sent further on its way.

For those embarking on the preparation for spirit communion, one must learn to be passive, quiescent and receptive. We cannot command the power of spirit, its manifestations have to be prepared in an orderly fashion. The transmission requires certain essential conditions, including aspiring to the highest, keeping balance amidst all turmoil and having a pure motive.

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