The brain is the physical interface for the soul to drive and animate the physical being. By itself, it is responsible for interpreting sensory impulses, coordination and control of bodily functions, as well as the exercise of emotion and thought.

Left Brain: functioning here focuses on logical, what-one-senses is real perception.

Right Brain: functioning here focuses on imagination, philosophy, creativity and a perception of what is beyond our five senses.

The brain utilizes frequency pulses to process consciousness. Beta seems to be the predominant frequency, but the psyche is quite able to seek conscious experience from all of the known ranges. Other patterns such as delta, theta and alpha are necessary for physical and mental stability. Without the stabilizing nature of other frequencies, certain experiences such as schizophrenia can occur where beta acceleration is not supported.

In normal sleep, the beta waves are not turned-off, as the conscious part ventures to other realms. The conscious wave, in effect, flows beneath the others.

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