Physical Body

The ephemeral existence of matter and energy. Most often referred to, but not limited to, the human body as distinguished from mind and spirit. Each human being is animated by an incarnating soul.

The physical body from the moment it is born, begins to die. Nothing conceived in the world of matter can achieve permanence.

The body is only a machine, easily overtaxed beyond its capacity. Overworked and lacking rest, the body pays the price. There is a balance that each of us can become aware of. By being attuned to the body, mind and spirit, in harmony, one can maintain health and perceive a greater awareness of many things, including bodily requirements.

The physical body is the means by which the spirit expresses itself. If it is overworked, it cannot fulfill its proper function. sleep, for example, is necessary to bring refreshment and restore vitality to the physical body. Just as nature prepares itself during the autumn for the sleep of winter, it awakens during the spring to achieve the full glory of summer.

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