The planetary influence on human life and the world of matter, in which a certain radiation effect exerts a physical phenomena. There is no radiation or force from any planet that directly affects the spirit. It does so only to the extent that it affects the physical body, which in turn affects the spirit. Everything in the universe vibrates, and vibrations from all things are constantly being radiated into the universe. Astrology attempts to understand a certain influence of the rays sent out by these vibrations. This is part of the natural law at work.

The science of astrology uses the dynamic elements of symbolic influence for planets, aspects, signs and houses. From generated astrology charts, it is possible to;

  1. Ascertain the human personality imprint at birth, i.e. natal horoscope chart.
  2. Determine the course of ones' life, known as progressions.
  3. Forecast daily or periodic events in one's daily life (transits), and
  4. Determine specific events in the world.

Other uses include Astro-Cartography (location harmony), Horary charts (specific questions), compatibility (relationships), fertility etc.

The interpretation and development of natal charts (as in 1) appears to have developed a significant database of knowledge. The predictive activities (2 through 4) are probably more responsible for astrology's disrepute, as a far deeper understanding of astrology is required. In addition, it is often difficult to encompass all of the necessary dynamics. Astrology works best when there are psychic influences involved in the interpretation. Certain psychics can read a horoscope without knowing anything about astrology. It is similar to aura reading.

It should be noted that each individual can overcome any stress aspects of their natal chart, and transits, by appropriate choices made during life that provide soul growth. This is because spirit is greater than matter.

A natal chart, drafted correctly, can offer deeper insights into one's personality, purpose and Karma. However, one should always be cautious, yet open minded, in the way an interpretation is expressed. It should always be expressed according to the evolution of the individual with whom it is relayed. Some individuals are more sensitive to a greater number of probable realities in their life, which may not be easily revealed in a conventional chart.

With regard to predictions, an immutable future can be a boring future. It is far better to order one's life to obtain real growth, rather than live in fear of what may happen. Each individual has a choice within an ordered universe. Our future is determined by our past and present. It is not a punishment inflicted upon us from outside. Destiny is what we make it. If we allow any fear of what the future may bring to enter our consciousness, we are helping it to materialize.

Knowledge and practice of astrology should be used to provide the catalyst for growth. When the vibrations of the moving planets no longer affect our actions, we have proof that spirit is superior to matter.

Virtually all traditional religions have a basis in Astro-theology.

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