An individual who can tap into higher planes; The ability to receive impressions, vibrations, which are beyond those normally received by the five senses.

Many would consider that all people are psychic in varying degrees, but the term tends to have greater value to those who can actually relate and process higher plane influences. Like all psychic abilities, some are endowed with certain gifts, while others need to focus more on its development. A psychic is not necessarily a medium, unless (s)he is sensitive enough to be controlled by a disembodied entity.

In spiritual terms psychic means of the soul. The purely psychic is not always the same as the spiritual, for there is what is termed "extra-sensory-perception" which can have no relationship to ones spiritual nature, but is merely an extension of the physical senses.

Automatic writing is a psychic ability, but is considered one of the least reliable as it requires more distinction between the thoughts of this world and the other side.

One of the greatest limitations of many psychics is when they become emotionally involved with an individual, or a concept. This tends to block or limit the information they would normally receive.

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