Automatic Handwriting

A form of channeling, or psychic ability, to receive impressions, vibrations, which are beyond those normally received by the five senses. Such information is translated into the touch sense of writing.

As with any psychic ability, development and practice requires:

  1. Relaxed openness
  2. confidence
  3. Concentration

To embark on this practice, consider the following activities developed by fluent Automatic Handwriting channelers.

Relaxation - Meditation is probably one of the most powerful tools to help you to understand and feel (physically and emotionally) the state of relaxation and half-trance necessary to begin to write/channel. Complete relaxation occurs when you begin to channel/write; the hand (or the voice in voice channeling) becomes an extension to the information you seek. If you are having difficulty, meditate before trying to channel/write. Clear your mind and relax!

Materials - Initially, it is preferable to work longhand. As you become more comfortable as a channel/writer and the information you are receiving is flowing, you may choose to work on a computer or typewriter. For some people, it is preferable because they have learned to compose their own writing on computer. The better a typist you are, the more comfortable you may be with this method. It is not a recommended method for the "hunt and peck" typist where the mechanics of what you are doing would tend to get in the way of receiving the information.

The recommendation first and foremost, is to do what you are most comfortable doing. Whether you sit at a table or sit with a pad on your lap is a matter of personal preference. For many writers, writing comes the center of the body, moving down the arm. There is often a lot of movement when writing, so you may prefer to sit at a table with the paper before you.

It is recommended you use a tablet of some kind where the paper is bound together. You will want to keep your early writings so a spiral notebook, or composition book, will keep your writing in chronological order. Keep your pages in the order written and after channeling Date Your Page. Do not use erasable paper, it will smudge.

In the beginning, the writing instrument is important. It is an extension of your hand and should be comfortable and assist in producing a fluency to the information, and not a barrier. A roller ball may be the perfect instrument, but again, do what is most comfortable for you.

Intent- For anyone requesting information through a channeled source, it is recommended that the intent be examined. Whether you choose to write a contract about what you will or will not accept is an individual decision, but it is recommended that a you keep certain aspects of the process the same for each time you prepare to channel/write.

Activity Suggestions:

Once you are ready, write your question at the top of the first page. Begin by writing the first things that come into your head. Once the writing begins, the hand will continue without conscious effort or thought. In the beginning, circles and figure eight's are common, but stick with it. As you continue, thoughts will pass by and you will be partially aware of what is being written. Allow there to be a slight distraction (a distant television, or radio or music playing) that can mildly distract the analytical in you that can stop the information from flowing. Have fun, and relax. Know that you are in control at all times. If you are not comfortable, stop and ask for assistance.

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