The spiritual exercise in which one meditates. This allows the mind to be clear in order to focus on a specific aspect. When initiating meditation, one must learn to detach from the norm of life (eliminate anxieties, distracting thoughts, and the presence of others). Many meditation schools provide symbolic techniques for this.

The meditator recognizes the power of the mind, and the connection with the divine essence. Preparation involves the ability to center the higher self at either the heart or brow chakra, and at the same time be able to ground oneself to the earth.

Protection is important for the novice. This can be achieved using affirmations such as being protected by divine light, blessing yourself, your environment, and your aura. It is important not to force anything, simply allow higher conscious states to be one's guide. On the other hand, like attracts like, so if your motive is pure, with no evil in thought or self desire, and if the aspiration is to reach out to the highest, then by the very law of attraction those of equal desires assist and no harm can befall the meditator.

Visualization techniques can provide for self healing or creating something in one's life. Certain things an individual might request can often manifest in a literal fashion, due to an impreciseness, so it is important to learn meditation under experienced guidance. Meditation visualization techniques are used commonly in Hypno- Meditation.

To obtain effective training in meditation techniques, seek out local groups that offer courses. A variety of powerful meditation techniques is offered by:

The Learning Light Foundation
1212 E. Linclon Ave. Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 533-2322

The Berkeley Psychic Institute Centers. The headquarters are at
2436 Haste Street, Berkeley, California, 94704.

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