Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel." The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy focused in specific regions of the human body, which actually represent sense organs of the etheric body. There are seven major energy centers and numerous less intense centers. Each chakra acts as a focal point of life force that relates to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies, all networking to serve as one holistic system.

By activating each chakra, we can harmonize and balance mind, body and spirit. This in turn opens up further consciousness and allows the power of spirit to readily flow through the physical.

There are a number of ways to open up our chakras.

One of the most powerful ways is to love oneself and others unconditionally.

Learn the true meaning of forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude.

While meditating, visualize and saturate each chakra with its allocated color to balance that part of the body.

When working with the chakras, work from the root up to the crown chakra.

When relaxing or meditating, feel and imagine with every breath, each inhalation and exhalation to flow through a specific chakra.

Utilize the vibrational power of sound (see Chakra Chant below). As with many forms of learning, it is important to learn meditation under experienced guidance.

The type, location and specific aspects for the primary chakras are:

1) Root: located towards the base of the spine, this area provides the life-force, survival, instinct and vitality to the physical body. The polarities focused here include stability/instability; greed/giving; stillness/anger; security/ insecurity; calmness/tension. A blocked root chakra can cause constipation and insecurity, etc. An active root chakra is grounded, providing individuality, security, health and mastery of the body.

2) Sacral Plexus: located between the top of the pelvic bones, near the navel. This area centers on sexuality, procreation, food assimilation and physical vitality. The polarities here include content/discontent; creative/destructive; tolerant/intolerant; potent/impotent. A blocked Sacral Plexus chakra can cause uterine or bladder problems. Activated, there is loving passion, well being and working in harmony with others.

3) Solar Plexus: located near the top of the stomach and close to the diaphragm. This area vitalizes the sympathetic nervous system and controls the digestive process, metabolism and emotions. The polarities here include control/uncontrol; radiant/dull; love/hate; fearless/fear. A blocked Solar Plexus chakra can cause digestive problems. Activated, there is warmth, humor, an awakening with transformation.

4) Heart: located in the center of the chest. This area anchors the life-force from the etheric body and energizes the physical body and the blood [circulation]. The polarities here include forgiveness/unforgiveness; stable/unstable; compassion/repression; harmony/inharmony. A blocked heart chakra can cause heart and circulation problems. Activated, there is peace, harmony and contentment. Also, there is the potential to be aware of the oneness of life and experience divine unconditional love.

5) Throat: located just below the Adams apple. This area centers on speech, vibration and communication. The polarities here include wise/unwise; kind/unkind; knowledge/ignorance; honest/dishonest; optimism/pessimism. A blocked throat chakra can cause depression and thyroid problems. Activated, there is creative expression, further truth, loyalty and integration.

6) Brow: located between the center of the forehead and the eyebrows. This area vitalizes the cerebral brain, vision and central nervous system. The polarities here include focus/unfocus; relax/tense; perception/inperception; devotion/remote. A blocked brow chakra can cause headaches, bad dreams, eye problems and detachment. Activated, there is Clairvoyance, intuition, insight, and soul realization.

7) Crown: located at the top of the head. This area vitalizes the cerebrum area of the brain. The polarities here include unification/alienation; service/senility; open/ closed; understanding/confusion; A blocked crown chakra can cause depression, hesitation, and lack of inspiration.

Levels beyond the crown open up awareness beyond the physical--understanding and perception beyond space and time.

Allowing each chakra to be clear and active, develops physical well being, and awareness beyond the five senses. The tonal vibrations and color coding for enhancing certain chakras are defined in the chakra chant.

Chakra Chant
Long Sound         Basic    Color      Energy Point

OHMMMMMMMMM....   (OM)     White     (Higher ^ levels)

SHOOOOOOOOP....  (inhale)  White        ^

L'SSSSSSSSS....   (SSS)    Gold.        ^

TSZZZZZZZZZ....   (TZZ)    Silver       ^

WoW WoW WoW....   (WoW)    Violet    Crown

BUZZZZZZZZZ....   (BZZ)    Purple    Brow

KRRRRRRRRRR....   (CH)     Blue      Throat

AAAAAAAAAAH....   (Ah)     Green     Heart

MMMMMMMMMMH....   (M)      Yellow    Solar Plexus

OOOOOOOOOOH....   (U)      Orange    Sacral Plexus

EEEEEEEEEEE....   (E)      Red       Root

Note: Start at the Root Chakra

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