This term literally means clear vision and is the ability to intuitively perceive and interpret images, impressions and feelings relating to the past, present and future. There are a few who are endowed with a natural clairvoyance, but it can be developed. To become clairvoyant, eagerness often sets up a deterrent which disturbs the atmospheric vibrations. The best development, whether of psychic or of the inner spiritual faculties, is achieved when there is complete passivity, peace and quietude.

Clairvoyance involves the perception of event(s) in past, present and/or future phases in very swift windows of experience. This is because the events are viewed outside of the space/time continuum.

Clairvoyance differs from telepathy in that clairvoyant impressions are supernormally, or psychically perceived beyond this realm, without the assistance of another mind. Telepathy involves a communication with physically living beings.

One who possesses clairvoyance.

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