The exchange of feelings, thoughts, messages, or information from someone or something to another. We generally communicate using the language of sound. All languages of this world are finite and cannot express the totality of the infinite universe and all that it contains.

All too often, interactive communication with people in this world involves the use of negative forms in their statements. For example, a parent will inform a child "Don't do that" rather than "I like it when you do (the desired intent)."

In the higher planes of the spirit world, communication is received with color. Even a prayer or thought from this world can be received as color. There are ranges of color in the world of spirit beyond the comprehension of those in the world of matter. Communication within these higher reaches is direct from mind to mind. Communication with the Collective Spirit takes the form of trying to harmonize with the infinite power--which in essence is to commune.

Communication from the ones we love on the Other Side is dependent upon the atmosphere we create, our growth and evolution level. Those who are dead to the things of spirit provide no point of contact. By embracing knowledge and understanding, together with being more receptive and calm, forges a link to make a bond of unity.

When we send our thoughts to loved ones who have passed on, reception is dependent upon whether the same mental and spiritual levels exist. If the two are so far removed from one another that they are on different planes, then the one who has passed on will not receive the thoughts.

Communication from higher dimensions is dependent upon the use of instruments. For a being who is evolved beyond the astral, it is possible to communicate directly, or via someone in the astral. However, there is always a distortion of material by the person who receives it, primarily on top of the subconscious level. Minimal resistance is achieved where personal prejudices and anxiety are low, intellect high, and a common acquaintance of ideas are present.

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