Great Spirit

An American Indian term for the Creator of all life; the eternal, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient, natural law; the supreme architect of the vast cosmos of life; the infinite mind behind the universe--in which his love conceived it, his wisdom directs it and His Law sustains it.

Most conventional religions term the Great Spirit as God. However, this has become synonymous with the concept of a deity. For most people, it is difficult to understand in physical terms that spiritually we are all a part of the Great Spirit.

The physical world, the spirit world, the universe, the seemingly endless cosmos, all these are the creation of a supreme power known as the Great or Collective Spirit. It is the mightiest power that exists. It is infinite, it has neither beginning nor end. Its wisdom is infinite, its love is infinite, its storehouse is infinite.

The natural laws for which the Great Spirit is responsible are supreme in their operation. There is no circumstance that has ever happened, or will happen, for which provision has not been made.

The Great Spirit is more than an aggregate of his own creation, with the proviso that creation is constantly growing. The Great Spirit does not directly intervene in the world of matter. The Great Spirit is law, love and wisdom.

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