An intermediary who is the instrument through whom something is sent. In spiritual terms, all mediumship is actually a co-operation of the spiritual and the psychic. Taken together, it forms the blending of the power to have spirit communication. The ability to communicate with the world of spirit depends on both the psychic faculty of the Medium and the co-operation of a spirit guide.

In order for a spirit guide to reach this world of matter, its rate of vibration has to be reduced. This in turn causes a sacrifice to its individuality, for the nearer it comes to earth, the less of its real (spiritual) self can be made manifest. In order to achieve communication, a medium is used between the two states of existence.

All mediumship is experimental due to the conditions prevailing at the time--the state of awareness that the medium's soul has reached; the stage of unfoldment that their psychic powers have reached; the ability of the communicator to register within the aura of the medium; and the amount of unity that exists between the medium and the guide. All these factors are at work when clairvoyance is being given. It is not a question of what should be done, it is a question of the best that can be done at the time.

A guide does not have to enter the body of a medium in order to speak. In many cases it works through the aura of the medium.

Certain forms of mediumship involve the use of the subconscious mind of the medium. This is trance mediumship, where the guide must learn to avoid the usual automatic responses when the medium's consciousness call on his subconsciousness. This occurs in a way so as to harmonize his personality with that of the medium, in order to achieve such a perfect blending, that he superimposes his own thought through being in co-operation. The consciousness of the guide regulates the primary functions of the body, including heart beat, temperature and blood circulation.

When seances are performed, the sitters arrange themselves in Circles, in order to gather power from all those in assembly to aid in the blending of guide and medium. The medium cannot be eliminated, all assist in the harmony obtained. Any friction from a sitter can interfere with the harmony between the guide and the medium. Due to the mental forces involved, all unseen thoughts, impulses, wills, desires, wishes of all the sitters have an effect on the communication that takes place. When each member of the circle embraces the thought of abolishing inner fear, anxiety, worry or apprehension, they remove the impediment to the full, free flowing power of spirit.

The character of the medium determines the quality of the power of attraction between spirit and medium. For example, it would be impossible for a saintly being to manifest through a medium of very low character, because there is no point of contact. It is for this reason that different descriptions of the next world are given. Anyone communicating into the world of matter can only transmit their experience at that time. With progress, the soul moves to another plane of being causing a revision of previously held beliefs.

Each person that seeks to be an instrument of the Collective Spirit is in actuality a medium for the Collective Spirit. By embracing self-love, love of others, service, and seeking to uplift, forms the highest phase of mediumship.

(See also Sensitive)

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