A meeting session, or sitting, of a group of people in order to receive spiritualistic messages. Some seances involve the production of psychic phenomena for physical materialization.

Precautions should be taken before a seance is held to exclude entities who operate with forces that would contradict the purpose of good intent. By providing love in the hearts and soul of those who participate, opens the way to receive those with similar purpose.

Preparations also have to be made on the Other Side before a seance can take place. Highly organized groups have to harmonize their Circles to those in the Earth Plane circle. There is a lot of work that has to be done to achieve communication, and this is being constantly refined by those who wish to assist in bringing light to this world of darkness.

The power of spirit that emanates from each member of the circle, as well as the developmental level of the mediumship, will determine the quality of the ectoplasm.

It is never a waste of time when nothing happens at a seance, for no effort that is spent in the pursuit of spiritual attainment is lost.

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