Earth Plane

Relative to the infinite planes of existence, Earth is viewed as a dark and war-like plane. We incarnate or reincarnate into this plane for specific purposes related to soul growth, assistance, and/or Karmic debt.

The beings that inhabit Earth are engaged on an eternal pilgrimage, pursuing paths that ultimately lead to the divine goal.

The Earth and man will survive, despite the actions that mankind invoke. Mankind does not have the power to thwart divine will, only delay, harass and impede, because infinite love, wisdom and the natural law rules the universe.

The world of matter is a shadow of the world of spirit. The true light is cast in the world of spirit. The workings of Earth is essentially done in the spirit world, because all the energizing, all the dynamic, does not originate with matter. The world of matter executes plans that spirit helped to create and bring to fruition. It is simply mankinds co-operation that determines the time it takes.

Earth is a world of causes and the etheric world one of effects.

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