An attack upon a nation, institution, doctrine or person. War is the manifestation of exploitation, greed, and selfishness, which cannot be abolished until we can express self- love, affection, pity, compassion and service. While war addresses the manifestation, the Karma involved hinders our overall evolutionary advancement.

War creates far too many broken souls to be taken before their time. Compassionate souls then have to mend those broken souls because the means upon which they functioned here on earth has been destroyed.

We create the Hitler's and Saddam Hussein's of this world, so it inappropriate to question higher forces to pronounce a verdict on what should be done to those bullies who kill innocent people. Man must work to eternal principles to avoid these difficulties.

The real war to be waged is on all those forces that stand between the Collective Spirit and the souls of mankind. We should be resolute in hastening the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We should aspire to our highest co-creative capabilities, rather than allow the ball-and-chain of our destructive potential to drag us down.

Wars are not made by the Great Spirit. Man has instituted this by his own free will. The level of responsibility we attain is directly related to how we exercise our free-will choice to wage war. The lessons that we come here to learn on Earth can be obtained without the cruelty and suffering that we impose on one another.

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