A group of individuals who meet regularly for the specific purpose of initiating spirit communication. At least one amongst them needs to be a medium in order for a seance to be held. The moral conditions require that each person try to remove all doubt, fear and anxiety in order to communicate with higher beings, rather than attract lower beings who would reflect baser natures.

This is one reason why information from the spirit world can be conflicting. The higher or more evolved the being that forms a presence, the greater the realization and truth.

To start a home circle requires plenty of patience and sometimes constant sittings before the power of spirit can express itself. All of the group should blend in harmony, united with a common interest. Meetings should be held regularly -- each week at the same time for just over an hour. Prior to each session, each should search his own heart and ask the motive, desire and what it is he hopes to achieve. Begin each meeting with a prayer or invocation and then be passive. Higher beings do not wish to please the sensation-seeker, but desire to uplift mankind to enable us to once again find those inherent powers almost lost through lack of usage.

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