The impairment of physical function, due to an abnormal condition or infection. Often referred to as dis-ease.

Diseases that have their origins in the mind explains the term psychosomatic. Most physical ailments are merely the outward expression of an inner disharmony.

This world creates many illnesses and diseases which are the result of tensions, strains and frustration. There are few, if any, diseases which are purely physical in their origin.

Selfishness, greed and avarice are also typical causes of many illnesses. Even though the etheric body is affected by illness, and sometimes even causes illness, there is no real illness in the spiritual body. It is a defect in its adjustment with the body of matter. It would affect its vibration and its relationship with the body of matter to such an extent the disease would begin in the body of matter. Anger can affect the spleen, jealousy can affect the liver.

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