Traditionally, an awe inspiring act beyond human intervention or explanation. Certain biblical miracles were part of a physical phenomena that was necessary at a time when spiritual realities had to be materially demonstrated. Concurrent with the sociological changes and scientific awareness, we now have the development and promotion of spiritual healing which, when it succeeds, demonstrates the existence of a power that is superior to matter.

God, the Collective Spirit, has never worked miracles as depicted in the Bible, for the Laws of the Collective Spirit are perfect in operation. They were conceived by Perfection. If the Collective Spirit has to suspend the laws that Perfection created, then chaos must result. If the Collective Spirit has to interfere in the scheme of creation to provide for events which He has not foreseen, then the Collective Spirit ceases to be Perfection. If the Collective Spirit has to perform a miracle to bestow favors on some, then the Collective Spirit is a partial deity and not the infinite spirit of all life.

Many events that occurred during the days of the Nazarene contradict what is known today of the physical laws, and people were compelled to think of them as miracles. These so-called miracles were often a psychic phenomenon.

The true miracles that we can create today can be achieved by following our higher self without hesitation. It would be a miracle if we do not judge, and allow forgiveness to occur naturally, in purity and exchange (by manifesting love for both giver and receiver). Miracles allow us to unite, and learn to process time constructively. Time will actually cease when we all overcome ego. This is because ego consciousness identifies with biological matter and earthly experiences, whereas the divine essence of our higher self is one with the source--which is pure love and light.

While miracles induce action and freedom from fear, revelation induces an experience of higher love. Revelation unites your higher self with the source, miracles unite you with your fellow (wo)man.

A Course in Miracles; Published by Foundation for Inner Peace (ISBN 0-9606388-2- 2).

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