Cause and Effect

Part of the natural law that governs, the operation of the universe, nature, and each one of us. There is no action that does not have an effect. This is connected to the Law of Karma.

The law of cause and effect is basic, fundamental and unalterable because you can only reap what you have sown. Effect must follow cause with mathematical accuracy; it cannot be otherwise. In turn, the effect becomes the cause by which another effect is set into motion, producing another cause.

Cause: Neglected children
Effect:: Low self esteem, and relationship problems.

If children are given lots of love and physical warmth, they would be more likely to have high self-esteem, be less reactive, and in turn, be more qualified to determine their bonding partners. Sufficient knowledge and understanding assists' children to see relationships in a balanced way, by making them know what love and sex truly is, and appreciating the feelings of personal security.

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