Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is an astrologically symbolic period that starts around the turn of the 20th century. The effect attempts to restore the balance between nature, science and humanity. Influential cosmic forces direct energy to focus power collectively, in order to serve all of humanity.

The Age of Aquarius occurs due to the progression of the Equinoxes. The constellation that lies behind the Sun at the vernal equinox changes sign every 2000 years (i.e. the apparent shift of the zodiac by one sign every 2000 years). As the Sun comes under the vibration of the different zodiacal sign in space, it imparts a unique character for the Great Month period [of 2000 years]. The Great Year involves all twelve signs of the zodiac.

The Age of Cancer was marked by mankind inhabiting fixed dwelling places within China, Egypt, India and Mesopotamia. The Age of Gemini generated an expansion of man's intellect with the recording of information through writing. The Age of Taurus was a powerful influence in the Egyptian dynasties with numerous bull-god carvings of the 4000 to 2000 BC period. The Age of Aries influenced the Greek period and the worshipping of the Ram by many religions. The Tibetan "Dali Lama" translates to God's Lamb and is an interpretation of taking away the sins of the world.

The most recent period, namely the Age of Pisces, was heralded by various evolved souls, including Jesus of Nazareth, a teacher who taught people how to live their lives. The fish is greatly symbolized in the Christian faith, for example the "fish-head" miter worn by the Pope. The Bible refers the last days and other significant events that essentially infers the end of the Age of Pisces.

The present New Age creates a preoccupation with rational science. Spiritually, it requires that a greater number of individuals impart a consciousness that gives a true meaning to the purpose of our existence relative to the state of our evolution.

However, even as mankind continues to evolve spiritually, in a material sense, there is always some symbolic factor such as Astrology, which reminds us of the natural physical laws.

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