Spirit Plan

The spirit plan is part of the divine plan, in which the power of spirit is the greatest power in the universe. Man may thwart, delay, impede and stay, but man cannot forever prevent the power of the spirit from being made manifest. With spiritual truths, we have the key to unlock all of the doors to mankind's problems. Many only see part of the problem, in which they see physical needs satisfied, or perhaps mental needs satisfied--but pre-eminently, man is a spirit, part of the Great Spirit, part of the power which fashioned all life.

The things that are to be achieved depends on our co-operation which also determines the time it takes. The plan is not automatic, it is subject to free will. We are co-operators, not automatons, puppets or marionettes. We are part of the Great Spirit.

There is a plan for life, which includes aspects such as a plan for each group of countries. The love of country does not cease with death if it is a genuine love. The power of the individual is still used to give service to the land which he is attached. With greater evolution, all ideas of nationality, of boundaries, fall apart and there comes a recognition of the common bond of spirit in every child of the Great Spirit. Love is used in all its forms for service, for it is better that an individual should love at least one land and desire to serve it than that he have no love awakened in his consciousness and give no service at all.

The task we have is to always hand on the torch, rekindle its flame, so that the generation which comes after will have a greater light to illuminate its pathway.

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