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Topics typically include:
  • The Higher (God) Self, and Higher Consciousness
  • Transitory states of our lives
  • Karma and Relationships
  • Get the Cosmic Edge
  • Planets in Signs
  • Planets in Houses
  • Planetary Aspects
  • Soul Contracts
  • Atlantis and Lemuria
  • UFO'S and Extraterrestrials
  • Develop Powerful Confidence and Self Awareness

    RadioAstrology can assist you to:
  • Embrace the light & Light the God within
  • Evolve your Soul with Spirituality
  • Understand Authentic Love
  • Elevate Awareness
  • Understand Karma
  • Learn Astrology
  • Learn How to Meditate
  • Study Astral Projection
  • Become a better person
  • Practice Higher Consciousness
  • Understand how the Universe works for you

  • This Website is the most in depth, clearly spoken and understood portal of Sacred and Ancient Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Astrological information, that will allow you to Ignite the Higher Consciousness we all have naturally within us.

    It is not an accident that you have found www.radioastrology.com and www.farleyastrology.com because you are a BEING OF LIGHT, and LOVE, and you are evolving at this time in your life. When the student is ready the Teacher appears.

    1,000's of downloadable topics by Spiritualist, Farley Malorrus channeled in the 80's and 90's on Los Angeles T.V. and radio; Also, recent topics channeled for today to help guide you towards the light, and the path of Self Awareness, and understanding the Multi Dimensional Souls that we all have.

    When Farley Malorrus is in his HIGHER SELF, He addresses Our HIGHER SELVES, and Our Chakras open and we Experience a higher state of Mind and Consciousness. The Phenomena is incredible and there is nothing quite like it. Truly Spiritual People will Love this site and visit it regularly.

    There are No accidents. Prepare to embark upon the journey, you KNOW you are ready for. Prepare to Evolve in a way you knew you always would. Welcome to your HIGHER SELF.

    THESE ARE IMPORTANT TIMES. We need to become Spiritually Aware now...

    RadioAstrology.COM and FarleyAstrology.COM is your personal Mystical School with tons of audio files to Stream and/or down- load, so you can proceed at your own pace.

    Being a free member of our site for One Year is like being in an ANCIENT MYSTICAL SCHOOL For One year. Imagine the knowledge, the evolution, and the enlightenment you will have in your free time, listening to the awe inspiring channeled topics by Farley Malorrus.

    Farley Malorrus has taught these sacred, ancient concepts with an open mind, and only asks you for the same. He has channeled each and every topic with no preparation, no notes, and no outlines, delivering to all of us, information of which Our Higher Selves require to Evolve our Souls, and embrace our destinies.

    Experience what it is like to be in a 'Higher State of Being,' while listening to the Ancient Knowledge presented on the audio files. Feel yourself trance out into a blissful state, as you are opened up to the greater part of your mind and so you too can access the Sacred Knowledge that lies within you.

    Become ecstatic at the thought of logging on and plugging in to absorb that which you feel you are ready for, or the information you desire from a vast index of topics, from 20 to 30 minutes each. Experience the Phenomena of Astrological Metaphysical Radio, as it evolved, along with Farley Malorrus and 1,000's of listeners on KFOX, and KNTF Radio from 1984 to 1996.

    Participate in the Age of Awareness, and embrace Higher Consciousness by becoming a member of our site, and embracing your destiny. The Portal of LIGHT awaits you. Prepare for an incredible journey that will open your mind's eye, and your consciousness in a way you know you are ready for.

    Designing this site, was a blessing for us, and a natural evolution of the 1,000's of topics and shows we had on tape, to be archived on the Internet. It gives EVERYONE the opportunity to learn Ancient Knowledge, introduce themselves to their HIGHER SELF, and ignite Higher CONSCIOUSNESS in them at the same time.

    The pilgrim is on the ridge of Consciousness prepared to ignite their inner Light in order to see LIFE and the Universe More Clearly. This is an incredible journey you are about to embark on. There are no accidents. Live, Love, be free, and allow yourself to be enlightened. Thank you for visiting Radio Astrology.com -- The Portal is Open. ALL you need do is walk through.

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