Farley Malorrus Definition of God

A young man asked me a question on facebook and I channeled this precise answer.

Question: Farley Malorrus simple question, who is God you are talking about? Or which God you talking about? Could you be more specific, thank you for the reply.

Farley Malorrus: Einsteinís Theory of relativity Defines God. The fact that all matter (Molecules) are related and connected to all other molecules in this Universe and many parallel Universes connect us all in what is referred to as the Oneness of God defined by Spirit. The mere FACT of PERPETUAL MOTION, that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change in shape defines the miracle of God. Gravity, perpetual motion, relativity, and the fact you cannot destroy matter, also that the Human body loses weight at death confirms that the SOUL has weight and essence also in the form of a micro gas that we as Humans cannot detect but in fact exists. God (Or the Manitou Spirit as Native Americans define the Great Spirit) Is everywhere in everything in the Universe and the multiverse. It is evident in the balance of the Universe. Good vs evil, light vs. dark, cold vs. hot, and so on. IF You look at the inner workings of any molecules to define the perpetual motion you can see what is called the "God Particle" or that part of the atom (all atoms) that moves at multiple times the speed of light (180,000 mile/second/second)

Being an Astrological Metaphysical Astrologer has allowed me to define this incredible miracle of God found in the very fiber of that which makes up the Universe Matter which in fact is Spirit, combined with all things = God, or Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is the magic that controls all things and bonds all things in the multiverse in a massive web that can either be connotated as the microverse, or the macroverse. Because from our point of view, their is no Time (Only movement through space around a star, which is a measure of distance not time), no Matter (Because all matter is made of light), and no Space because before the big bang all matter in the multiverse was reduced to smaller than the size of an almond, making Time, Space, and Matter an illusion, actually a hologram in the Mind of God (Spirit) Which defines the infinite. The figure 8, which represents infinity or eternity is the cycle of life, visions, or experiences, this Overmind (or God) has eternal, which is what the multiverse is all about. Eternal creativity in the Mind of God, or the OverMind which controls all. Now, only a fragment of humanity would understand that, so you might have to read it over a few times, even 100 to get it, but if you do get it, then you might understand how we are all connected in a huge web of energy, and how everything else is also connected to us, which equals God. I just channeled that and difficult to explain in Human terms, but that's the best I can do for the moment. I'm fortunate to have this kind of understanding because I have been close to the center of the Overmind, and been in the presence of the Great Spirit most humbly through prayer, meditation, visualization, faith, commitment, conviction, respect, acknowledgement, and through the rainbow bridge (The 7 chakras) using my right brain focus, and allowing my lower mind, or the conscious mind to move through the levels:

I hope that helps you. It took me a very, very long time to go the path up the rainbow bridge, avoiding Black and brown which is dark Evil, and going from Colors up the rainbow bridge to God.

The Visible Chakra Spectrum

Wavelength nm Frequency THz
Red - Root Chakra or Groin, Basic instinct 625 - 740 400 - 484
Orange - Spleen Chakra - Creativity/Romance/Health 590 - 625 484 - 508
Yellow -Stomach Chakra -Love for self 565 - 590 508 - 526
Green - Heart Chakra -Compassion or love for others 520 - 565 526 - 606
Blue - Throat Chakra or the ability to channel 500 - 520 606 - 670
Indigo - Brow Chakra or 3rd eye, Pineal Gland, Multiverse 435 - 500 670 - 700
Violet - Crown Chakra (The Halo) Or the connection to God 380 - 435 700 - 789

Note: The wavelength of visible light ranges from deep red ~700, to violet ~400 nanometres (nm).
The terahertz, abbreviated THz, is a unit of electromagnetic (EM) wave frequency equal to one trillion hertz (1012Hz). One terahertz is equal to 1,000 gigahertz (GHz), or 1,000,000,000,000 hertz (Hz). The terahertz is used in the measurement of infrared (IR), visible, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

I can see you have a long way to go, but if you memorize all that I posted here, and meditate regularly, perhaps one day, if you shed your ego, addictions, obsessions, and all obsession with the illusion of the material World, you will see the rainbow bridge and be in the presence of the Great Spirit. That's how it works. Hope that helps. Wow. Great question. I am rarely asked that. There is only One Thing in the Universe, it is Spirit. That is all there is. The perpetual motion you see in our molecular Universe defines this Spirit. That motion, and the theory of Relativity, (Einstein) Defines the God Force that is eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, immortal, and unstoppable.

The Jewish Religion (the Chosen) Was based on the vibration and frequencies of the 12 zodiac signs of Astrology (The 12 tribes of Israel) and Jesus appointed his apostles accordingly (12 apostles, 1 for each tribe/sign/frequency); the 3 wise men, who were the Worlds Greatest Astrologers used the Star of Bethlehem configuration, I believe in the constellation of Orion (Orionís Belt) during a presumed Super Nova or bright star or PULSAR) which enabled them to know the date of birth and place of birth, Bethlehem, of the Messiah, (Bringer of truth, Son of God) handed down to them way before they were even born. The Muslim Religion is based also on the Jewish God concepts, and all of the above is explained in the Kabballah (Ancient Judaic Sacred Knowledge), and by the Essenes (In the Dead Sea Scrolls) So the information was delivered to a primitive humanity, misinterpreted symbolically, but attempted to be explained by Jesus (Christ Conscious being in touch with God self, or Son of God), and later distorted by the many kings and civilizations that changed the meaning of the bible. The return of Christ as depicted in the Revelation Chapter in the bible, is partially in fact the ascension of Humanity to Clarity and Christ Consciousness, such as Jesus had, at this time. The bible specifically states that only a "Fragment" of humanity would be saved and granted grace to the Kingdom of heaven should they ascend through the Rainbow Bridge and God Consciousness, and that due to false prophets and other misleading information that the majority of humanity would be left behind. (The Rapture). The 12 Signs of the zodiac are all symbolic to the frequencies and natures of human that defines our uniqueness, and defines the "Illusion of Separation." Aries being the Lamb of God, Taurus being the Golden Calf (or money), Gemini (The bi polarity of humans), Cancer (The Virgin Mother), Leo (The Lion of Judah), Virgo (The Virgin Birth), Libra (Eye for an eye, Karma), Scorpio (Resurrection and ascension), Sagittarius (Philosophy and freedom) Capricorn (The Christ or Christ Consciousness, Aquarius (Humanity and their quest to find God), and finally Pisces, (Jesus the Fisher of Men). The Hindu and Buddhists faiths confirm Reincarnation and transmigration of the Souls from animals to humans depending on Frequency, karma, and grace, also confirmed in the bible, as Jesus was born I believe as Isaiah first, then Jesus, and perhaps many other men (Siddharta, Swami Prabubahta, Kryshna, perhaps Paramahansa Yogananda); The Great Spirit (Native America), and many other beings who people embrace as God. I hope that helps. I don't claim to know it all, and I don't preach. I only put out a load of food for thought from a lifetime of research, meditation, and from what I believe is a sacred connection and communion with the Great Spirit. It has always been my life's goal to be part of the "Fragment," Attain Christ Consciousness, raise my vibration and frequency to be granted access to a heavenly state (Heaven) after this lifetime and therefore break the endless cycle (Infinite) of reincarnation, to finally attain this state. Reincarnation is confirmed in the bible in the resurrection, and proposed "Return Of Christ." I hope that helps you.

Farley Malorrus, 5/29/2015 2:43 AM, Los Angeles, Ca. (The City of Angels)