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How To Understand Astrology
Understanding Astrology
Why Astrology
What is a Natal Chart
Astrological Circuit
The ABC's of Astrology
The ABC's of Astrology-II
The ABC's of Astrology - Part A
The ABC's of Astrology - Part B
Age Of Aquarius
Analysis of Neptune
Analysis of Pluto
Analysis of Uranus
Astrologers Chart
Astrological Signatures
Astrology As A Catalyst
Astrology as a Lifestyle
Astrology Mantra
Astrology Rebirth
Astrology vs. Astronomy
Basic Planet Definitions
Character Defined
Chart Analysis
Chart Interpretation
Childhood Effects
Cosmic Entity
Descendant and 7th House
Earning Degrees – Sabian Symbols
Exact Aspects
Exaltation and Fall
Excellent Saturn
Extraterrestrial Astrology
Hard Natal Aspects
Heliocentric Astrology
Hemispheric Analysis
House Activity
House Combinations
House Cusps
House Planet Combinations
House Vibrations
How To Explain Astrology
How To Learn Astrology-Sabian Symbols
Identity Personality
Improving Your Chart
Intense Jupiter
Intense Neptune
Intense Pluto
Intense Uranus
Intuitive Astrology
Karma and Oppositions
Karma and Squares
Karma in the Natal Chart-I
Karma in the Natal Chart-II
Karma in the Natal Chart-III
Karmic Explosions - Uranus
Knowing Your Chart
Learning to Love Your Chart
Libra Factor--Balance
Mars-The Energy Activator
Moon Through the Signs
Mother, Father in the Chart-I
Mother, Father in the Chart-II
Natal Chart Interpretation
Natal Squares
North Node
North South Node
Origin of Astrology
Outer Planets
Personal Planets-I
Personal Planets-II
Personality Definition
Phoenix Syndrome
Planetary Correlations
Planetary Lords
Planetary Magnetism
Planetary Vibrations
Planets by House and Sign
Planets in the Chart
Power In The Natal Chart
Power Patterns
Proving Astrology Works
Sabian Symbols
Sabian Symbols and Rising Degree
Significance of the Moon
Significant Karmic Aspects
Soul and the Natal Chart
Special Aspects
Specific Conjunctions
Sun Sign in the Chart
The 12 Houses of Life
The Astrological Effect
The Birth Experience
The Magic of Astrology
The Chart Ruler
The Dragons Tail
The Elements
The Mars Personality Imprint
The Moons Node
The Mutables
The Planet Mars
The Power Of Astrology
The Sagittarius Factor
The Saturn Factor
The Scorpio Factor
The Wonder of Astrology
Twelve Rising Signs or Tribes
Twelve Tribes of Astrology
Venus Mars and Zodiac Qualities
Zones of Karma

Astrology - Compatibility
Astrology and Sexuality
Astrological Addictions-Relationships
Ascendant Compatibility
Compatibility-Moon Venus Mars
Compatibility - The Cardinals
Compatibility Karma & Exact Degrees
Fun with Compatibility
House Vibrations and Relationships
Karma and Relationships
Karma and Planetary Comparison
Looking For Love
Processing Relationships
Relationship Factor
Relationship Karma
Retain Your Power In Relationships
Soul Mate Factors
Understanding Women

Astrology Transits
Advanced Solar Return
Anger Karma
Astrology Crisis
Astrology Transits
Cardinal Transits-I
Cardinal Transits-II
Chart on Fire-I
Chart On Fire-II
Fighting Transits
First Saturn Return-I
Follow Your Moon
Gemini Transits
How to Follow the Moon
How to Follow your Transits
Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter In Taurus
Long Transits in Life
Lunar Transits
Karmic Transits
Mars In Aries
Mercury Retrograde-I
Mercury Retrograde-II
Mid Life Crisis Transit
Mid-Life Crisis
Moon Wobble Peak
Power Transits
Purpose of Horary
Retrograde vs. Direct
Saturn Return-II
Solar Return-I
Solar Return-II
Specific Long Transits
The Moon As A Trigger
The Moon As A Trigger-II
The Transit
The Transits of Uranus
Transit Aspects
Transit Deadlines
Transit Diaries-I
Transit Diaries-II
Transit Effect
Transit Karma
Transit Opposition
Transit Trines-I
Transit Trines-II
Transiting Moon Through Life
Transiting Planets
Transits of Saturn
Transits of the Moon
Vernal Equinox
Zones of Influence

Other Topics
A Decade of Transition
Advanced Celestite
Astrological Career
Astrology Meditation
Bouncing Back
Bravery-Gallant Quest
Breath Bliss
Call-In Show-II
Call-In Show-III
Celestial Visitations
Celestite Points
Chakra Focus
Chapter Of Life
Children and Theology
Crystal Consciousness
Crystals and Numbers
Directing a Happy Life
Entities Exorcism and Possession
Epic Atlantis
Extraterrestrial Souls-I
Freedom From Slavery
Game of Life
Growth and Acceptance
Having Fun
How to Make Money
How To Simplify Your Life
Ideas and Innovation
Interpreting Dreams
Journeys Out of the Body
Keeping a Positive Attitude
Left Handed People
Let Me Count the Ways
Light and Color
Light Verus Dark
Lincoln's Chart & Valentines
Living in the Past
Meditation with Celestite
Molding Your Future
My Generation
My Mission in Life
My Topics
Mysteries of the Universe
Numerology and Astrology
One Day at a Time
Our Origins
Purple Plates
Quality of Life
Rap With Farley
Self Realization-I
Self Realization-II
Simplify Focus
The Awakening - I
The Awakening - II
The Awakening - III
The Edge Financially
The Neutral Zone
The No Family
The Unemployed Priest
The Yin Yang Charge
Visualization Meditation

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AMR - Classics
How To Learn Astrology
How To Learn Astrology - I
How To Learn Astrology - II
How To Learn Astrology - III
How To Learn Astrology - IV
How To Learn Astrology-Transits
Dream Lab
The Soul's Scream
The Light of Truth-Silver Birch
Silver Birch - Devine Purpose
Silver Birch on Death
Enemies and Purpose
Life In The Beyond
The Higher Self
The Higher Self-II
The Intuitive Mind
Planetary Karma
Zodiac Synchronization - I
Zodiac Synchronization - II

Attaining Tranquility
Body and Soul
Body and Spirit
Body As Transmitter
Childhood Karma - I
Childhood Karma - II
Circle of Light
Cloak of Darkness
Contact with Spirit Guide
Death and Rebirth
Death Hormone
Design Your Life
Destiny Factors and Life
Destiny Forks
Different Types of Karma
Don't take Life for Granted
Edge of Life
End of Karma-A
End of Karma
Extensive Karma
Feeling One With the Universe
Finding Bliss
Focusing on Spirit
Forgiveness vs. Revenge
Fortress of Solitude
Fulfilling The Soul Purpose
Fulfilling Your Life Mission
Good vs. Evil
How We Can Absolve Karma
How We Manifest Our Natal Chart
In Touch With Higher Self
In Touch with Past Lives
Instant Karma
Issues of Karma
Karma - The Price
Karma and Forgiveness
Karma and Leadership
Karma and Relationships
Karma and Soul Growth
Karma and the Self
Karma Free Relationships
Karma with Enemies
Karma, Trauma and Rebirth
Letting Go
Letting Spirit Guide You
Life Reconstruction
Metaphysical Bible
Metaphysics of Karma
Mistaken Identity
Multi-Soul Walk in
New Age Heralds
Pain Rebirth and Evolution
Path of the Soul
Perfect Universe
Personal Karma
Plug into Karma--Saturn
Positive and Negative Energy
Positives vs. Negatives
Power of God
Power of the Mind
Racism, Religion and Reincarnation
Rebirth and Spirit
Rebirth and Walkins
Reincarnation and Death
Road to Consciousness
Scorpio and Spiritual Rebirth
Self Love
Seven Levels of Consciousness
Seven Planes of Existence
Seven Principles of Expression
Signals From the HighSelf
Soul Contracts
Soul Growth
Spirit Guides
Spirit Vacation
Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Crossover
Spiritual Qualification
Spiritual Rebirth
Spiritual Revelations
State of Bliss
Surrender To God
Temple of God - Part 1
Temple of God - Part 2
The Center of the Universe
The Creation of Karma
The Fifth Dimension
The Illusion of Separation-I
The Illusion of Separation-II
The Law
The Octopus Theory
The Price
The Quest
The Soul's Web
The Warrior Complex
This Karma Called Life
Ticket to Life
Transcendental Astrology
Transcendental Lifestyle
What's Your Karma
With Regard to the Spirit
Working For Karma
Working Through Your Karma


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