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I get a Java Error opening a page.

A java console pops up when I visit

I cannot hear anything.


Q: I get a Java Error opening a page.

A: There may be several reasons for this:

You are not running the latest version of Java. Download and install the latest version.

Java is not initialized on your PC. Choose Start. Open the Control Panel, and click on Java. Make sure Java is active.

Q: A java console pops up when I visit

A: To avoid the Java Console from popping up when visiting

Open the Java Control Panel | Advanced | Java Console. Check "Do not start console" (the default is "Show Console")

Q: I cannot hear anything.

A: There may be several reasons for this:

There is a delay in buffering enough media to start listening. Please wait while sufficient buffering has taken place.

This site uses MP3 audio format. Your system should be configured with MP3 audio encoder support. The WMA format has been discontinued.

Your browser is configured not to accept media files:

How to Allow Sound Access in Chrome Computer?
To enable sound in Chrome, go to Chrome Settings | Advanced. Now select Privacy and security | Site settings | Additional content settings | Sound and make sure that Allow sites to play sound option is enabled. and makes sure any desired site is not muted.

How to Enable Sound Access on Chrome Android?
To enable sound in Chrome Android:

Launch the Chrome browser app on Android phones.
Tap on vertical 3-dots icon menu for more options.
Select Settings from the list of options.
Scroll down and Tap on the Site Settings option.
Within the Site Settings open Sound tab.
Toggle the button to turn ON the Sound access to Chrome Android.

NOTE: Some Samsung users with Chrome may not hear any sound due to a bug with the device. We recommend installing or using a different browser like DuckDuckGo or Firefox.


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