The 12 Major Levels of Karma

Why Spirit and Love outweighs matter and Karma

By Farley Malorrus

"There is nothing more important than Love, Spirit, and God. All else has a price; that price is called Karma,
or a debt to the self, to the soul, and that which binds us all to the Earth and the Earth Plane.”

Farley Malorrus 12/1/2015, all right reserved, OK for everyone to share anywhere.

  1. THE SELF, Childhood, and brainwashing by the Father. Self Esteem, Feeling of Self Worth, the Ego, Shedding of same, not feeling your worth anything. Much of this stems from childhood karma with parents and authority figures that try to tell you what is important, when all there is and all you need is love. Childhood issues haunt our need to love oneself.
    Solution = Love yourself, let go of childhood fears, haunts, phobias, brainwashing, and delusions.

  2. Matter/Money/Material World. Addiction to that which is not of spirit, which is an illusion, which is temporary and which is not there at birth and disappears at death. It is said that "Money is the root of all evil,"and in fact addiction to money and the material world is Karma.
    Solution = Embrace Spirit over Money/Matter.

  3. The Mind and Psychological Balance. Influence of siblings. Mental illness or the inability to remain calm, serene, happy, confident, positive, and pleasant is the result of embracing or following negative role models, yet another addiction, to be something that you are not. Everyone can have psychological balance if they let go of the brainwashing and conditioning of everyone and everything in the World.
    Solution = be happy, be at peace, don't obsess, keep life simple, love all that is.

  4. Emotions, and attachment or brainwashing by the Mother, and the false need to have a luxurious expensive home. Emotionally we are drained by the illusion of possessions, and that which is pounded into us by our families, and educational systems to excel, succeed, and therefore buy and own, all of which require maintenance, and has a price, "Anything that is not of God/Spirit/Love is Karma, and all Karma has a price." Letting go of those things that we think we need, and embracing our eternal immortal soul and our connection to the oneness of God and the Universe far outweighs our needs to acquire, breed, have a big house, car, dogs, cats, or anything not of spirit. The more you have or own, the more you maintain, the bigger the Karma, and the harder the life.
    Solution = Let go of your need to own possess or buy. Embrace your connection to the God-head, and keep your life simple.

  5. Family, Creativity, Ego, and Procreation. The need to breed is instinctual, but the karma connected with love, marriage, family, and children bears a heavy burden, as anything that is not of God is Karma, and bears a price. The more you have, the more you have to maintain. The less you have the less you have to maintain. Being Bodhisattva or "Karma Free," is the ability to let go of everything and everyone before you die, go into the light to embrace what is real, Spirit, Love, & God.
    Solution = Let go of your obsession to fall in love, marry, have children, and acquire riches. Go with the flow. One day at a time.

  6. Health Issues, Diagnosis, Pets, work, and the need to 'keep busy.' We are all victims of mind control. So many wish to tell us how we are, or what is wrong with us, or why we are sick, that we create illness or Dis-Ease in our bodies because of what others think of us, or what they tell us. Remember Doctors are "Practicing" Medicine. Do we really need all this toxic medication? They are practicing on us. DO we really need all these pets?They all require maintenance, and who shall care for them when we are gone? Are we really sick, or have we convinced ourselves that we are because of our obsession to be sick. You are what you believe you are, and you don't need anyone to brainwash you into thinking you are any different. You have trillions of cells in your body that react to your own brain impulses, so whatever you believe and commit to is so. People only get sick and die, because down deep they may be tired of living, and wish to go.
    Solution = Let Go. Be at peace with yourself and be one with the universe. Don't worry or be negative. Don't let anyone pass sentence on you. Be positive about your life and health and love yourself.

  7. Relationships. People are a big deal. It is hard to be alone if you have no faith or relationship with the Great Spirit of God. So many are hypocritical of this fact and feel they can find love in another, when true love lies within the self. Still, humans spend much of their lives seeking perfection in love, sex, and/or marriage because it is our nature. Still, this is a major area of Karma with ourselves due to the obsession that we feel we need others to be happy when true happiness lies within between you and God. So many are in terrible relationships they never ever should have formed, but because they are so alone with little faith, they end up miserable. That is a heavy price to pay. Any obsession beyond love of Spirit is Karma.
    Solution = Be at peace with yourself and the World and never obsess about being alone. Be happy if you do happen to find peace and love in the World, but don't obsess or worry if you are alone as the power of the Great Spirit is in your heart. There are those who can be in relationships that work and often times it is because both people love themselves and are secure unto themselves, hence why the relationship can be easy.

  8. Sex, Intimacy, Fear of death, obsession with death, dying, afterlife, and religion. This complicated area of karma with ourselves (As all karma is with the self), runs a broad spectrum of sexual addiction, fear of intimacy, obsession with fear of death, death, or dying, and all things that are a mystery to humans during, before, and after life. Sex can be overrated, dangerous, and create unwanted children that are not founded on a love based relationships. Physical death is a fact we must all embrace, an eternal sleep for the body we are in. This obsession humans have with death, resurrection, and zombies is unfounded. It is best to not worry about such things, just live your life, one day at a time; consider each day a gift, and never obsess over sex, death, dying, or what happens afterwards.
    Solution = Sex is Temporary as is death. The Great Spirit and it's expression is Eternal. Have faith in the Power of Spirit and the Oneness we all share and recognize each life as a dream for the soul. Have faith and visualize a safe passage, and that is your choice.

  9. Travel, Independence, philosophy, and competition. All an illusion that we believe will bring us sustenance, but all temporary and all so often with a price. Being free is a state of mind, and traveling is nice, as long as it does not become an obsession or something that gets you in trouble. Philosophy of life should remain simple and personal. Religion and belief in God was created by Man. The true definition of God lies in the individual heart of every individual. You cannot let anything dominate your life, when down deep all you are is a Spiritual expression having a temporary visit in this body. Neither should be taken for granted.
    Solution = Be at Peace with yourself and don't obsess about anything or anyone. Spirit should be your only priority.

  10. Career, success, and ambition. This all comes with a price. You often can't ascend the ladder of success without a wake of victims who embrace failure as you succeed and win the competition along the way. Where there is one winner, there are always many losers. Career and ambition is a huge karma and why Saturn, the Lord Of Karma, rules this part of life. Because you cannot take it with you, when you die, so dies your success, fame, glory, and possessions.
    Solution = Let the Universe unravel your success as it should be and don't ever allow it to be an ambition where others fail in order for you to succeed. The only success is to have faith and succeed in Spirit, there is no other.

  11. Friends, Goals, and Humanity. In truth, the only true friend you have is God, or the essence of all-that-is. This essence is always with you. It is a loving energy. People, animals, and whatever path you choose in your life offers no guarantee to happiness. So many pretend to be your friend in life, and in the end, there may be a few trusted individuals still there for you, but the only thing you can trust is your own soul, your own spirit, and that connection to God that we all share.
    Solution = Feel your oneness with God and the Universe and you won't feel a need to seek out anything or anyone if you feel one with all.

  12. Addictions, Being your own worst enemy, Free Will choice. The one thing that God gives us is Free Will choice. That is our main power. The power to choose. If you choose addictions, you may have to keep coming back until you can release all addictions. I know I talk a lot about God and the God Force, but in my idea, that is all there is. There is no time, no space, and no matter. It is all an illusion created by the 'over mind,' or the mind of God, to give us the choice to live in an illusion of separation or to be One with the Spirit. It is our choice to numb ourselves with our many addictions, or be one with the Spirit which should be free of addiction or obsession. Life is one huge test of choice. Choose right and your frequency ascends to the top. Choose wrong and your vibration and frequency can descend to the depths of darkness, despair, pain, disease, perhaps prison, and eventually, a long slow and painful death. It is up to all of us to be honest with ourselves and choose wisely. I choose Spirit.
    Solution = Avoid having an addictive personality, instead choose to be Spiritual and addicted only to Love.

Thank you all for the patience to read my thoughts on Karma.

Have a wonderful life and choose wisely.

Farley Malorrus, AMEN [So be it].