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The Battle of Facebook

By Farley Malorrus, November 2, 2016k

"The greatest battle mankind faces is the battle against ignorance"
Silver Birch

For this is the battle that the Facebook has become. The war of the Human heart.

Where be it a beast from the East who fondles the maidens, or the witch from the East who lies, cheats, steals, kills, and betrays the young. Brother against brother, father against son, Mother against daughter, the cast has been done, as destiny is served and the choice be made be it good or be it evil, none may contend. Rather you bathe in the icy cold waters of winters or the steaming hot waters of summer, you find yourself on a path with no clear end. You hear the words spewing forth from so many but nothing is really said. You see the actions of few with plenty but nothing is really created and then, you pray that sanctuary and peace is the result, although the unknown beckons beyond. You fear your choice is just and yet you wonder is it ever? You choose beyond your personal trust and pray for the 12th of never.

For the World is not what God meant it to be, a symbol of love and peace; the World is a semblance of what was beheld a fragment of what lies beneath. The answer lies in only 6 days for all to behold. The choice that is made by the many offers fate for young and old. Did I choose right or did I choose wrong? Was it for the weak or maybe the strong? Did I strengthen those I must or weaken all I know? Is it something good I reap, or something evil I've sewn? The message lies in the human heart for only God to know. The answer complicated just that no man alive behold. For the World is not what you think it is, nor anything what it seems. The World is nothing that you thought it could be or anything part of your dreams. The World is just a playground and all of us just pawns, of those more powerful than any of us, from dust and early to dawn.

The only thing I can depend on is myself and where there is faith; for false prophets arise everywhere and it seems with little grace. I hope and pray that good comes now, that war will forever end; I hope and pray that people eat, and that all can find a friend; I pray that the killing stops and evil be vanquished this very day; but death doth lurk and haunt all men and makes the World so gray. So is it him or is it her to whom your fate belongs?

With all that power in their hands, life seems but a song. A song I sing from day to day, remembering their evil schemes. In the end I'm right and they are wrong, as life is just a dream. So worry not dear Pilgrim, and throw your frets asunder; as Love will conquer all you know like the lightning and thunder; as faith and hope is all we have within this sea of darkness, where evil lurks, and men drive forth even when the end seems darkest. I wonder what will happen now, that everyone is fighting, over such trivial things throughout time all of this biting. I bite your neck, then you bite mine, so hard to get along, when life was always about love and peace, as if to sing a song.

Bless us all in what we do, and hope we make a stand, that in the end faith doth arise, and the result a family of Man.

Farley Malorrus


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