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THE ETERNAL NOW," by Farley Malorrus

2/26/2016, 3:43am, Inglewood, Ca.

The only conspiracy is in your mind.
Don't be gullible and naive.
Most humans have limited brain capacity so know little if anything.
The only person you can trust is yourself (And God)
You have nothing to go on except what you witness yourself.
Humans have a tendency to lie and stretch truth.
There are no bottom lines.
There is no truth.
There is only further truth.
Nothing is written.
There is no fate.
If you want to believe in something believe in yourself (And God)
Worrying and negative emotions or belief creates same.
The only doomsday is what everyone believes to be doomsday.
WE could have World Peace if everyone would stop killing.
Animals are people too.
Everything has spirit, even inanimate objects, called Manitou.
There is no time, space, matter, or solid objects.
There is only the eternal NOW, God's mind, and us as cells of it.
We are all One.
There is no separation.
Separation is an illusion.
The visible Universe is a map of the Eternal Now of all there is, God's Mind.
There is only one Consciousness of which we are all a part.
You can't believe everything you hear, in fact, you can't believe anything you hear or read.
Politicians never tell the truth.
Most Humans rarely tell the truth.
Most people never keep their word or promises.
True commitment is in the heart, eternal, and to God.
Anything that is divisive (Religions) is not real.
The only thing that is real is the Universal Mind or God.
Jesus knew this and was trying to explain it to a primitive people.
Hate is an illusion and part of Universal Balance.
Love is all there is, and hate is the antithesis of Love.
We can create a heaven on Earth by stopping Hate and embracing Universal Love.
Children need to be assisted in making their own choices.
When you make choices for others especially children you are affecting their life paths and karma.
You create karma by forcing or making choices for others.
Free Will Choice is our God Given gift as part of the Universal Mind.
You have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Obsession and addiction are an antithesis to Spirit and God.
Matter is an illusion, all there is, is Spirit.
The molecular Universe is far and far between like distances between stars, but we believe it is solid, because it is an illusion.
Light is all there is.
Your frequency is decided by the spectrum of light you reflect according to your awareness and evolution within the Universal Mind.
An atheist is oblivious to the truth of the Oneness of the Universe.
You cannot destroy Spirit, as it is eternal and part of the infinite Now.
Infinity is not a measure of time but a measure of essence and creativity.
Human beings in truth have no clue as to the reality of the Universe and multiverse which has infinite possibilities.
Because the Universe has no beginning or no end, it is all there is and all that there will ever be.
You only limit yourself by your own thoughts and beliefs.
Let go of your left brain, and go with our gut/heart and let your higher self and right brain guide you.
Being alive is only part of your experience in the eternal Now.
Energy is transition and we as energy beings are in a constant state of transition.
Consciousness and awareness are dictated by whatever light one reflects.
The higher your frequency, the brighter the light.
The higher the awareness, the brighter the purple light.
The closer you are to the Godhead, brings you into the white light.
The farther away you are from the Godhead brings you towards the dark light and lower spectrum.
The energy centers in our body are reflections of our soul, a God particle or cell defined by 7 energy centers called Chakras.
The body, face, and skeleton does not define a Human, only the light they reflect.
Food for thought is what makes you understand the Universe in a deeper way.
Accepting a person as Son of God, or bringer of light, life, hope, faith, and a heavenly connection to the existence of the infinite now, is the first step in understanding God and how the Universe works.
Jesus Christ (Yeshua, the Nazerene) knew this, as have many other masters, and they tried to explain it to a primitive man who tried to interpret it in Earthly terms, when it has nothing to do with Earth or the Earth Plane.
We live in STOP TIME on Earth, meaning, we appear frozen as does our Universe. When you look at the sky, everything appears to be going slow, because it is.
When you die, you transgress into real time and Earth appears to be going in super slow motion because the Earth plane frequency is 1000 times slower than the Eternal Now which embraces all things we can imagine.
The Human soul is a witness of the Universal Mind (God) in it's attempt to experience creativity, and also to define Free Will choice, or the balance between Good & Evil which prevails the Universe in balance with light and dark, love & hate, chaos & order, pain & pleasure, God & the Devil, happy & sad.
Everything is balance and it is your choice where you wish to be within the scheme of things.


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