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Commentary on Life

By Farley Malorrus, Copyright 5/6/14

The World sadly is filled with snakes, liars, users, thieves, manipulators, control freaks, bosses, and those that pretend to be our friends, love us, sell us something just for 'you,' and/or be there for us when things go awry. The truth is that the Human body is a host to an entity I refer to as the serpent soul, (the symbol of the American Medical Association is the serpent soul wrapped around the spine and attached to the brain, or the medulla oblongada.)It enters the baby at birth and leaves the body at or just prior to death. People with down syndrome have pure human souls and do not serve as host to anything, hence the reason why they are all so sweet and look a lot alike. As we live our lives, we would love to trust each other, love each other, work together, with compassion, and intent to build something together that is solid, honest, with good foundation, and secure. The sad fact is that the serpent soul is not so compassionate inside of every human body. How is one to tell if another person is being honest, or just being a snake. Unfortunately only time can tell you the answer as to whatever agenda someone might have for you. Whether it's the car salesman lying to you about the price, the insurance salesman lying to you about coverage, your husband lying to you about his commitment, or t mobile lying to you about paying your last phone bill with your old company, the sad fact is that most of the human race is a bunch of pathological users, liars, and cheats who think that we are all dumb enough to fall for it. When I was a boy, my dad used to tell me over and over, that you cannot trust anyone. He told me that often times those that pretended to love you the most and be there for you the most could end up being your worst enemy or those who abandon you the quickest. We try so hard to do good deeds for others, help each other, care for each other, be there for each other, and show love and compassion authentic and unending. These kinds of people are called "Luminaries." Their souls have evolved far beyond the serpent level and truly they are incapable of lying or taking advantage of each other. You may know someone like this in your life, or being my Facebook friend, you may be one of these beings of light. The others, the serpent souls, I refer to as the "Dark Ones," or the ones who have no conscious, no brains, no mind, no compassion, no true sincerity, no trust, and in the end cannot be depended on. Why is it that humans have such a dark mask on that the world never sees, that only when or if they drop their mask and show their true selves do you finally see the dark, malevolent side to their nature? What happens to us when we are shocked to discover our children, our relatives, our siblings, our parents, our friends, our spouse, or our co workers suddenly do a 180 and become something we do not like or want in our lives. Even when we find out about our spouse, it can be frightening and a shock to our system. I live my life realizing that the world is made up of some Luminaries and hoards of "Dark Serpents." There is a clear difference between the two, as Luminaries cannot lie, and dark serpents lie all the time. It's pathetic to think that most of our World Leaders make up the dark force, hence our problem with the world. Patience, and time are the key to recognizing who can be trusted, and who would stab you in the back. I find that with time, patience, and by being a role model, that hope and faith can deliver such wondrous luminaries folks like Steve, Maria, Steve H., Ken, Ed, John, Arlan, Scott, Maria T., Bob, Dave, Derric, Saif, Roger G, Shadoe, Nancy, and Beau, along with so many others whom I love and trust eternal, people you can leave your dog, your baby, your house, or your bank account with and you know it will be there in the morning. So often times we are betrayed by thinking that people care for us, they love us, or that they will be there for us; often those we have loved the most, assisted the most, helped out the most, end up dumping us for little or no reason, or saying irretrievable things that can never be taken back. It's a long path up the chakra focus from the root chakra focus (The Dark Serpent) all the way up to the Crown Chakra Focus (The 3rd eye), to enable one to embrace truth, trust, honor, commitment, and being connected in a way where you really feel one with that person. I feel that life is a challenge and that it is a mistake to go out in the World or send a child out in the World, naive, innocent, and trusting to think that they won't be taken advantage of by the hoards of serpent types that seem to be everywhere. No offense to the human race, but we have a long way to go as far as being honest with each other, and making commitment. Take the commercials for example. There is nothing natural in Papa Johns pizza, as it is not organic and loaded with GMO's, (Genetically modified organisms, or viruses), so why does Papa John lie, or why do the networks allow State Farm to lie and tell us they are like a good neighbor with so many exclusions in all their coverage's? I'll tell you why, because it's human nature. It's the nature of the beast, (The Serpent Soul,) like a jackal, hyena, female black widow after mating, or a female praying mantis after mating, that strikes out and kills it's lover right after the act of procreation. It is the nature of our race to be like unto a snake, hence the symbol of the Devil (The Snake)...hence the long history of murder within our species. I have lived my life, trying to evolve best I can. I am by no means perfect, and don't claim to be, nor have I been completely honest being a LEO all my life. But I try hard to get better all the time and ascend to a luminary type reflection, in the hopes I can attract more people like those I have in my inner circle, whom I would trust with my life. It saddens me that so many are victim to the lust, greed, obsession, ego, and manipulation of so many billions of humans who wear a mask and pretend to be all that we want them to be, when in the end, they remain a Snake. Do yourself a favor and take a look at your life, your own inner circle to see if you have luminaries or snakes around you. You might be surprised at whatever the result, but I am proud that I have so many that I count on, lean on, and trust, who expect nothing in return. I thank the Lord for that. I decided to type my thoughts out today and share them, as it is part of my never ending analysis of life on Earth in the 21st century and how I survive it. I hope it helps you to know how I feel and think.

PEACE, Farley Malorrus



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