Silver Birch

Silver Birch is an evolved spiritual being who returned to the world of matter in the guise of an American Indian Spirit. He channeled through an English trance medium (Maurice Barbenell), in England, for over 60 years.

The reason this Guide returned is because of his love and ties of affectionate kinship. To bind together so that he could serve and help us to be ready to serve others when our turn comes. His work, like others, is concerned with the millions who, if they had this knowledge, would not enter the world of spirit as derelict wrecks, almost unfitted for the life of the spirit.

There are some eight books that have been written by various authors that describe his teachings and philosophies from the world of Spirit. His message provides significant enlightenment for the individual who is ready to learn more about spiritualism. Many of the spiritual terms listed in this reference are drawn from Silver Birch's teachings and philosophies.

Teachings of Silver Birch books, by A. W. Austin; Tony Ortzen; Anne Dooley and Stella Storm, are published by Psychic Press 1995 Ltd., The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD, England, U.K.

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