Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness, during which an individual can tap into the latent powers of the soul. The hypnotist is able to get in touch with the higher self. This power within, if used properly, can allow one to overcome any difficulty.

The essence within is not capable of reasoning, thinking and acting independently of the conscious self. It is conditioned by that part of the conscious mind which is expressed through the material body limited only while in the world of matter. It is not conditioned under the influence of hypnotism, because the hypnotist is like the gaoler who opens the prison door and allows the prisoner to escape. If the hypnotist is of good intent, (s)he can perform great service by stimulating the divine within. But, also, (s)he can stimulate the animal within.

Hypnotism is not a proper aid to mediumship, because it has been found that once the guides take charge, the power of the hypnotist is at an end, as the medium does not then come within the range of his influence. It is better to start mediumship development at seances so that the spirit power can gradually begin to exert its proper influence over the individual. There are no short cuts to psychic development, as the things of spirit require careful nurture and slow growth.

Contrary to perception of many individuals, hypnosis does not involve becoming unconscious and it has nothing to do with sleep. Hypnosis is a powerful tool which, in therapeutic hands, can be used for self help, weight control, overcoming significant events and unwanted habits. As such it is used widely for psychosomatic disorders--illnesses which have their origins in the mind.

Some disorders have their roots in a past life, due a Karmic condition. As such, a tragedy or difficulty experienced in this existence can be traced to a past life. This allows one to focus on an awareness to clear the condition. It is important to be aware that sometimes the subconscious mind will picture a greatness that must have been achieved before, because it is not great now; This is a form of vanity, in which the higher mind taps into the essence of a famous person, or the subconscious lends itself to temporary spirit possession.

The unique experiences in hypnosis are the extremely pleasant physical sensations of deep relaxation and the focusing and enhancement of memory, emotions and imagination. Many people mistakenly equate hypnosis with being anesthetized or being asleep. While hypnotized, your mind can be active and sounds can be heard. You can also talk and open your eyes! You are never unconscious or unaware of what is happening.

The main reasons for its limited role in the past has been stage antics (i.e., stimulating the animal within), exaggerated claims, misunderstanding and insufficient time by the medical community to investigate and train in this field. Hypnotherapy, however, is becoming more commonly used and accepted due to the positive acclaim by its clientele.

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