A quasi Religious and Spiritual order. The root meaning of the word Eckankar is Eck--The Whole Spirit, Audible Life Stream, etc., and ankar which literally means the study of, or knowledge of the Whole Spirit.

An Eckankar is a co-worker with God and on a path of total awareness. Eckankar is purported to be the totality of all spiritual teachings. Eckists practice spiritual exercises which puts them in direct contact with the Eck, or voice of God. The Eck manifests to the human consciousness as Light and Sound. Thus, Eckankar is known as the religion of the Light and Sound of God.

The Living Eck Master (Spiritual leader of Eckankar) is considered a spiritual traveler. Under his guidance and protection, followers are taken to other worlds for experience and knowledge. Spiritual travelers are entities dedicated to helping other souls back to God. They work on the Earth Plane as well as the inner planes. In his inner form, the Living Eck Master has the ability to take followers out of their bodies to other planes.

As an Eckankar initiate, followers are given measured doses of Karma to work off on the inner as well as the outer, so followers don't have to reincarnate to the Earth plane. When Ecks' translate (die) followers believe they are guided by the spiritual traveler to a place they have earned, bypassing the lords of Karma.

Reincarnation for Eck's is not limited to the Earth plane. They consider a soul can reincarnate to another plane, from a higher plane and back, for instance. Spiritual progression involves moving to higher and higher levels of existence and working off karma at those levels as well. Nirvana is known to be one of the many levels of unfoldment and it is possible to move even higher in the spiritual worlds. Eckists do not believe there is a final place to attain--there is always another step closer to the Creator.

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