The act of intentionally extinguishing ones own physical life. Most suicides create a problem for that soul, as no one has individual power over life.

Some suicide souls are on the same spiritual plane because what you are spiritually governs where you are spiritually. The etheric world is a world in which spiritual states are translated into reality.

There is a price to be paid for cutting oneself off from physical life, for none has the right to interfere with the operation of the Law. The next stage of life is entered before the spirit is ready which causes a long adjustment. It also has the effect of causing separation from the ones you love, for a gulf is created.

Often, it appears that one who commits suicide, dies because they are dissatisfied with or afraid of life itself. Some contend that some of these acts (or would-be acts), are a result of having a great literal lust for life that they constantly place it jeopardy in order to experience it in a heightened form.

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