Human Relationships

Personality and ego are the most significant factors in human relationships. As we shed our ego, and refine certain aspects of personality, we are able to enjoy deeper and more meaningful relationships with others.

Both male and female are complimentary to each other--they are opposite sides of the same coin. As cultures and societies change, so do roles, but they should still remain complimentary. Until recent times, a mans' physical strength was required to support the family outside of the home, while the womans' role was to support the family inside the home.

Contrary to the confused beliefs of many today, it is essential to form balanced relationships, by both sexes, in which the expression of service and love can flourish. Cause and effect can be seen in many Western women who in the 1980's, having taken many assertive training courses, could not subsequently find sustained fulfillment in a bonding relationship, due to their over-assertion. In addition, men have been slow to adapt and adjust with the changing social order.

The primary causes of broken relationships are (a) absence of spiritual bonding; (b) lack of self love and self esteem; (c) the failure of men and women to adapt properly to a changing social order; and (d) high selfish and material needs, negating being of service to one another.

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