Spiritual Growth

Spiritual progress is the hardest of all to attain. If it was easy, then it would not be worth achieving. Each step has to be earned by dedication, discipline, endeavor, selflessness and fidelity. There is no finality in spiritual progress, because the more one learns, the more we learn of further learning. Progress, like truth, knowledge and wisdom is infinite.

All individuated expressions of spirit are a form of unfulfilled growth. Incarnating into the world of matter is one of the means by which we can experience growth. Spiritual growth is not achieved when one is content and the Sun is shining. It is when all looks dark, gloomy and depressing, that the soul begins to come into its own and the way is shown for what lies ahead.

We are reminded when serving another of a time when our own soul cried out for help and guidance when none seemed possible. A form spiritual growth achieved in this plane is connected with passing the baton, so to speak, in the form of service.

The body must receive that which is essential to its rightful growth, otherwise the spirit cannot function adequately through it. By achieving harmony between mind, body and soul, the unity of these three parts ensure health, well- being, serenity, confidence, resolution, peace and awareness. Developing one area only leads to imbalance.

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