In human terms, mankind as a whole--national or tribal. We are all part of the Collective Spirit. Some have been painted red, some black, some yellow, and some have not been painted at all, but all these colors are part of the grand scheme.

Someday, higher laws will come into this world, and harmony will come when the colors mix together and live together with love in their hearts. Even though we do not understand what the colors mean, each has a great purpose and contribution to the laws of life.

There will not be any peace in this world until all colors blend together, until men learn not to look at the skins, but of the souls that are behind them.

The power of spirit ignores all earthly distinctions and cares not for rank or title, grade of society, color, race, nationality or class. It recognizes only those who can respond, whatever they may be, whoever they may be, and fills them with power which emanates from the source of all truth, illumines their minds, stimulates their souls and makes them workers in the great vineyard.

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