When the Jewish tribes established themselves on Earth, they subsequently developed the cabalistic roots of Judaism. The source of this was well beyond this realm. Much later, when the Jews went out of Egypt, the formation of their religion was essentially influenced by Egyptian religion. Israel itself was formed from three names:

The earlier Egyptian Goddess--ISIS, plus the later Egyptian Sun God--Ra, and the newly formed Jewish (Saturn) God--El, forming IS-RA-EL.

It is easy to see the relationship here with worship on Saturn-day (Saturday) and Sun-day for the Sun God.

However, as occurs with all creeds, there were some faults in the Judaic principles because of a limitation, by incorrect spiritual interpretation given to them, in that they were defined as the chosen. Subsequently, it was very difficult for the Jewish race to branch out and give the rest of the planet any hope of spirit. They felt they were special, and everyone else felt inferior. Due to a newly developed religious dogma, an ego developed that prevented an expansion of the earlier cabalistic philosophy.

This is just one example as to why the planet is now left with so much competition in religion, along with confusion, anxiety, tension, threats and holy wars. The religious bigotry, ethnic cleansing, and death pronouncements on individuals, are typical manifestations of a backlash of religious misconceptions and intolerance on others.

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