Intergalactic Council

A physical language term for a body that is said to exist in higher realms. This Council deliberates on spiritual influences and phases of activity for conscious life forms in lower dimensions.

The reason people on earth are (during the 1990's) being made aware of the Council's existence, is that there is purported to be a significant shift in consciousness that is due to occur by 1998. This shift in consciousness will liberate those who are ready to escape the bonds of existence in the third dimension.

A tactical arm of the Council, called Mission Control, are coordinating the communication between the Council and the extraterrestrial souls who have incarnated here on Earth. Mission Control members are called Avatars, who act as a guiding force to assist the extraterrestrial members in a successful completion of their varied and assigned tasks.

If the aforementioned description appears like science fiction, it may be due to the fact that this form of symbology is appropriate for certain people. This could be their form of communion. In any event, individual communion through ones etheric self can determine if an individual has a relationship to this activity.

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