The esoteric study of the meaning of numbers and letters and their influence on life. The information is based on birth name and birth date to reveal character, destiny, abilities, relationships, and events--past, present and future.

Alphabetical characters are assigned numbers. Basic Numerology uses nine numbers: 1 through 9. While numbers greater than nine are used, such numbers are sometimes compounded, i.e., 25 = 2 + 5 = 7.

The following represents some elementary meanings:

#1 One represents all that is creative. A beneficial number which governs success, happiness and prosperity.

#2 Two represents change, restlessness and unsettled conditions. It is also a friendship number.

#3 Three represents ambition and authority. It governs religion, law, money and publishing.

#4 Four represents music, science, justice and rebellion.

#5 Five represents travel, nervousness and literary matters. It also governs communication and gambling.

#6 Six represents love, sex, the arts and public speaking. It is also a personality number and the number of magnetism.

#7 Seven represents the divination practices and metaphysics. It also governs the entertainment and amusement field.

#8 Eight represents business, natural resources, transport and things of the earth. It is also a number of worry and melancholy.

#9 Nine represents force and energy, particularly fire, injuries and accidents. It also governs metals, writers and the medical profession.

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