Traditionally, the ability to sense, feel and sometimes react to anothers emotions or inner circumstance. All people have empathy, but the level ranges considerably. Many high level empaths do not know how to process many of their feelings received from others, resulting in adoptive behavior, strange reactions or just confusion.

Empathy is often confused with Clairsention. Empathy is a sense beyond the five senses, and generally deals with emotive feelings and thoughts.

One noticeable relationship an empath will discover is the ability to perceive the clairvoyance of a psychic, or group of psychics, particularly if they have not developed their own psychic ability.

An empathetic sense is generally a gift, but can be developed. In order to channel these vibrations effectively, it is important to meditate into a personal neutral zone in order to ground oneself and divorce any empathic relationship with one's ego. With further development, an individual can learn how to process these energies effectively in order to understand and interact correctly with others.

Being an empath, as well as being able to process vibrations effectively, provide an important aspect in truly helping others. However, much depends upon the type of vibrations between an empath and another in order to process and determine their circumstance.

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