The rare event in which a soul is replaced within a body. For a variety of reasons, a soul may terminate its earthly sojourn and allow another soul to continue the animation, expression and being of a person.

The type of circumstance may be a near death situation such as a car accident, an intense illness or mental breakdown. Occasionally, the transition can occur during sleep without any specific physical cause.

In any event, there must be an agreement between souls for a walk-in to occur. There is no way for a soul to be snatched away while the silver cord binds it to the physical body.

There are many constraints that involve personality, energy levels, age, sex, race and culture of the physical form. It is not a saga of convenience, but of certainty. When initiated, some may feel they are reborn, and have a new found purpose.

Even though the human body has been designed as a single occupancy, temporary vacancies sometimes occur as in channeling. Should an entity decide to co-habit, it is sometimes necessary to call the Higher State Patrol to force an eviction!

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