Unidentified Flying Object.

UFO sightings have become widespread and common since the late 1940's. The phenomenological effect suggests that they are not all alien, i.e., physically extraterrestrial. There is significant experience and documentation that describes these visits as being multi-plane and sometimes inter dimensional. The greatest oddity is that they can be seen by certain individuals here at all. Clearly, to experience a UFO beyond this plane or the third dimension requires attunement.

One reason these so-called spaceships do not stay close to Earth, or land, is that there is often significant stress on the vehicle. The structures of most UFO's are not in accord at the atomic and molecular level within this plane. This also accounts for differing shape, size and color. The dramatic re- direction in movement that is often seen is the temporary functional control it obtains that is akin to its normal environment. These beings simply take quick glimpses of this plane.

One theory considers UFO sightings and encounters to be more of a holographic image projection. This is because the behavior of these Extraterrestrial visitors are not in accord with spiritual growth and development that exists in other galaxies. Intelligent physical extraterrestrial life forms are more likely to make formal contact, rather than selecting isolated individuals. If this is the case, these individuals are probably very gifted in co-creating (or projecting) their individual, or collective, holographic imagery.

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